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    Before he faces the dragon, Beowulf thinks of his past: ... As king of his people, Beowulf defends them against the dragon, and when his thanes desert him, ...

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    Who helps Beowulf against the dragon? Wiglaf. Who taunts Beowulf in Heorot? Unferth. Who is Modthryth? A wicked queen of legend. From whom is Grendel descended? Cain.

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    Who helps defend Beowulf against the dragon? Wiglaf. Who did Beowulf swim against for 7 days? Breca. Beowulf was first written when? 700 AD.

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    Perfect prep for Beowulf quizzes and tests you might have in school. ... Who helps Beowulf against the dragon? Wulfgar; ... Who guides Beowulf to the dragon’s ...

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    22.10.2017 · Beowulf defeats the dragon in the beast's lair with the help of a young warrior named Wiglaf, according to the "Beowulf" novel. They wound the dragon in ...

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    Study online flashcards and notes for Beowulf SparkNotes Quiz including Who is the father of Shield Sheafson? : ... Who helps Beowulf against the dragon? Wiglaf.

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    The one retainer who comes to Beowulf's aid in the battle against the dragon represents the theme of loyalty in the system of the comitatus. This is the honor c

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    Who helped Beowulf kill the dragon? ... Who helps Beowulf against the dragon? hu Edit. Share to: Beowulf is assisted in killing the dragon by?

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    Beowulf decided to fight the Dragon even though he was old. His pride and warrior code would not let him chicken out of a battle. The sword he decided to use was ...

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    Beowulf strikes the dragon in the head with his great sword Naegling, ... he is in danger from the beginning against the dragon. As Beowulf feels his own death ...