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    Selective breeding (also called artificial selection) ... There are two approaches or types of artificial selection, or selective breeding. ... For example, in some ...

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    25.10.2017 · According to the Annenberg Foundation, examples of artificial selection include the breeding of thoroughbred racehorses, and the breeding of animals used ...

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    20.10.2017 · Some consider domesticated animals to be the ultimate products of artificial selection. Thoroughbred racehorses are one example of artificial selection

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    22.10.2017 · Artificial selection. Long before Darwin and Wallace, farmers and breeders were using the idea of selection to cause major changes in the features of their ...

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    Selective Breeding or Artificial Selection. ... Examples of Artificial Selection from Class. Tomatoes were bred from the size of blueberries to the modern size.

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    24.08.2015 · Those are two very good examples. The one that I will provide is for horses. The horse has changed or been changed rather dramatically over the course of ...

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    07.08.2017 · Unlike natural selection, artificial selection is the process of an outside source breeding animals to produce offspring with more desirable traits.

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    23.10.2017 · Answer/Example : A farmer crosses two kinds of corn. He produces anew, better tasting type of corn. -Holy122 More Details : Artificial selection.

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    23.10.2017 · Get an answer for 'Give an example of artificial selection.Biology' and find homework help for other Science questions at eNotes

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    07.09.2011 · Can you give me examples of artificial selection besides dogs, and the reason why they were bred that way?