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  3. What is wrong with Tom's left arm? | eNotes


    25.10.2017 · Get an answer for 'What is wrong with Tom's left arm?' and find homework help for other To Kill a Mockingbird questions at eNotes

  4. What happened to Tom Robinsons left arm? | To Kill a ...


    Tom got his arm caught up in a cotton gin when he was a teenager. Source(s) To Kill a Mockingbird

  5. How did Tom Robinson cripple his arm in To Kill A ...

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    • 9 total answers

    11.12.2008 · I don't have my book on me, and I need to know how he did it. Happened when he was a child right?

  6. What is wrong with Tom Robinson's arm in To Kill A ...

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    21.10.2017 · one of his arms was caught in a grinder a long time ago and all it was is a stub with an unusable shriveled hand which was said to be 12 inches shorter ...

  7. Tom Robinson - To Kill A Mockingbird


    Tom Robinson lives on the outskirts of Maycomb with his wife and three children. He's very kind, helpful, earns a lot of respect by the people in Maycomb by what he ...

  8. Tom Robinson - Wikipedia


    Biography. Tom Robinson was born into a middle-class family in Cambridge on 1 June 1950. He attended Friends' School, Saffron Walden, a co-ed privately funded Quaker ...

  9. Was Tom Robinson's left hand crippled - answers.com

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    21.10.2017 · Was Tom Robinson's left hand crippled? SAVE CANCEL. already exists. Would ... The issue of Tom Robinson's left arm is first mentioned in Chapter 18, ...

  10. Where is the quote in to kill a mockingbird that shows Tom ...

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    12.08.2010 · Where about in the BOOK does it say that Tom Robinson had a farming accident, and that all his muscles were tore loose, crippling his left arm. I can't ...

  11. Tom Robinson - Official Site


    Official web site of the songwriter of Glad to be Gay includes news, discography, history, and photos.