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  1. SparkNotes: Hamlet: Act III, scene iv


    Summary: Act III, scene iv. In Gertrudes chamber, the queen and Polonius wait for Hamlets arrival. Polonius plans to hide in order to eavesdrop on Gertrudes ...

  2. No Fear Shakespeare: Hamlet: Act 3, Scene 4, Page 2


    HAMLET. Come, come, ... (stabs his sword through the arras and kills POLONIUS) ... as killing a king and marrying his brother. GERTRUDE. As kill a king?

  3. The Death of Polonius and its Impact on Hamlet's Character


    An examination of the murder of Polonius and what it tells us about Hamlet's character.

  4. Why did Hamlet kill Polonius? What are some theories for his ...


    He spent scene-after-scene pondering before the Moustrap play. After that, and for most of the rest of the story, he's all action. His problem before the Mou...

  5. Why does Hamlet kill Polonius through the arras even though ...


    Get an answer for 'Why does Hamlet kill Polonius through the arras even though he passed Claudius praying? ' and find homework help for other Hamlet questions at eNotes

  6. Hamlet Act 3 Scene 4 - Hamlet stabs Polonius hiding behind ...


    What do you make of Hamlet's reaction to killing Polonius by mistake? How remorseful does Hamlet appear?

  7. It was an accident. He didn't know it was Polonius. He thought it was the King. O.k. in one scene of Hamlet, when Hamlet approached his Mother, the.

  8. Why did Hamlet kill Polonius? | Shakespeare Geek, The ...


    Theres a short and easy answer to the question of why Hamlet killed Polonius. It was an accident. A case of mistaken identify, if you will.

  9. Hamlet - Wikipedia


    Hamlet, believing it is Claudius, stabs wildly, killing Polonius, ... he has fulfilled her sexual desire to have Hamlet kill her father so they can be ...

  10. SparkNotes: Hamlet: Act IV, scenes iii


    His response to Gertrudes revelation that Hamlet has killed Polonius is ... Claudiuss mind begins working to find a way to characterize the killing so that it ...