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  1. The History Place - Impeachment: Richard Nixon

    The events surrounding Watergate and impeachment proceedings against Nixon. From The History Place.

  2. House begins impeachment of Nixon -

    On this day in History, House begins impeachment of Nixon on Jul 27, 1974. Learn more about what happened today on History.

  3. Richard Nixon - Wikipedia

    In light of his loss of political support and the near-certainty that he would be impeached and removed, Nixon resigned the presidency on August 9, ...

  4. History lesson: Richard Nixon was not impeached - The ...

    Richard Nixon was the only president in U.S. history to resign from office — doing so on Aug. 9, 1974, amid the Watergate scandal — but he was not, as is often ...

  5. Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton both faced impeachment over ...

    May 16, 2017 · Only three presidents in American history have faced impeachment or imminent threats of impeachment, and just two of them were charged with obstruction of ...

  6. What was Watergate and why was Nixon impeached?

    What was the Watergate burglary? Richard Nixon was on course for a comfortable win in the 1972 presidential election when, on June 17, five burglars were caught ...

  7. Nixon Impeachment - Richard Nixon

    Entry point for information about the impeachment of President Richard Nixon.

  8. As Obama impeachment chatter continues, Nixon's resignation hits its 40th anniversary

  9. Why was nixon impeached? | Yahoo Answers

    Oct 16, 2008 · We all know the Clinton was almost impeached but why was nixon no one has ever told me.

  10. Watergate Articles Of Impeachment - Richard Nixon

    Full text of the Watergate Articles of Impeachment as passed by the US House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary.