1. Stimulus Generalization: A Definition With Examples


    Stimulus generalization is the tendency to respond to stimuli that are similar to the original conditioned stimulus. Learn how this works.

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    Video embedded · In this lesson, you will learn to define stimulus generalization and apply it to real-world situations. Following this lesson, you will have the...

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    Fearing a spider and responding the same way to all spiders disregarding the size or shape. In Pavlov's experiment, a dog salivating to the sound of all bells.

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    Stimulus generalization takes place when an organisms responds to a stimulus that is similar to the conditioned stimulus. Find a definition with examples.

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    Stimulus generalization is the tendency of a subject to respond to a stimulus or a group of stimuli similar but not identical to the original CS. For example, a

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    Stimulus Generalization: when an antecedent stimulus has a history of evoking a response that has been reinforced in its presence, the same type of behavio

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    Video embedded · Stimulus generalization is one of the possible outcomes of classical and operant conditioning. In this lesson, you will learn about famous...

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    Another example of a Stimulus Class: ... Stimulus Generalization, ... Generalization_Sp_2015.ppt Author: Susan R Copeland

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    Stimulus-generalization definition, generalization (def 4a). See more.

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    Psychology Definition of STIMULUS GENERALIZATION: Is the effect of conditioning which removes the discrimination between two stimuli and responsible for evoking the ...