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  2. Taste Test: We Tried the New Crystal Pepsi - Thrillist


    12.11.2015 · Legend has it that the original Crystal Pepsi was formulated to taste just like normal Pepsi and later gave way to a citrus-flavored spin...

  3. How Does Crystal Pepsi Actually Taste? - Quora


    06.10.2016 · What Does X Taste Like? ... How does Crystal Pepsi actually taste? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 1 Answer. Eric Johannessen, A casual brony, conservative ...

  4. What did Crystal Pepsi taste like? | Yahoo Answers

    • Resolved ·
    • 19 total answers

    11.01.2010 · Why does everybody say it has a citrus or vanilla taste? That is completely wrong. It tastes like regular Pepsi just slightly different mainly due to the ...

  5. What did Crystal Pepsi taste like? : AskReddit


    What did Crystal Pepsi taste like? 2. 0 (self.AskReddit) ... A famous YouTuber called LABeast who does a lot of eating challenges has been promoting it, ...

  6. Crystal Pepsi - Wikipedia


    Diet Crystal Pepsi, Crystal From Pepsi, Pepsi: ... Crystal Pepsi is a soft drink that was made by ... Its marketing slogan was "You've never seen a taste like this".

  7. What did crystal Pepsi taste like? | Yahoo Answers

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    24.08.2011 · What did crystal Pepsi taste like ... ,but I still liked Crystal Pepsi.They said it was supposed to be a ... to try this but I hate coffee if it does can I ...

  8. Does This Thing Taste Like $#!7!? - Crystal Pepsi - …

    • By JeremyAndrosoff ·
    • 4 min ·

    25.07.2016 · Video embedded · So, the LONG awaited Crystal Pepsi has returned after almost 2 decades of non existence... at least up here in Canada... So, how does it taste?

  9. How did Crystal Pepsi taste like? | Retro Junk


    Thread: How did Crystal Pepsi taste like? ... I'm not sure but there's a video on Youtube of a guy drinking an old Crystal Pepsi and vomiting ensues.

  10. Crystal Pepsi is back for the summer and tastes like nostalgia


    29.06.2016 · Video embedded · Crystal Pepsi is making a comeback, so you can relive the Summer of '92. The "crystal clear" cola will hit Canadian stores on June 11th and American stores ...

  11. I drank Crystal Pepsi (blindfolded) so you don't have to ...


    12.08.2016 · Pepsi Crystal will likely end up as at least one of those two things. ... I drank Crystal Pepsi ... So what does it taste like? It does taste like Pepsi.