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      Definition of a Tragic Hero A tragic hero has the potential for greatness but is doomed to fail. He is trapped in a situation where he cannot win. He makes some sort of tragic flaw, and this causes his fall from greatness. Even though he is a fallen hero, he still wins a moral victory, and his spirit lives on. Hamlet,... Full answer More answers

  1. Tragic flaw | Define Tragic flaw at

    Tragic flaw definition, the character defect that causes the downfall of the protagonist of a tragedy; hamartia. See more.

  2. Definition, Usage and a list of Tragic Flaw Examples in common speech and literature. Tragic flaw is a literary device that can be defined as a trait in a character ...

  3. Define tragic flaw. tragic flaw synonyms, tragic flaw pronunciation, tragic flaw translation, English dictionary definition of tragic flaw. n. A flaw in the character ...

  4. tragic flaw - Dictionary Definition : flaw

    A tragic flaw is the secret weakness of character that brings about a tragic hero's downfall.

  5. Tragic Flaw | Definition of Tragic Flaw by Merriam-Webster flaw

    Define tragic flaw: a flaw in character that brings about the downfall of the hero of a tragedy

  6. A tragic flaw is a literary term that refers to a personality trait of a main character that leads to his or her downfall. In other words, a character with a tr

  7. Tragic Flaw: Definition & Examples -

    This lesson focuses on the tragic flaw of characters in literature. Read on to learn the definition of a tragic flaw and go over examples, both in...

  8. Hamartia - Wikipedia

    Hamartia is also used in Christian theology because of its use in the Septuagint and New Testament. The Hebrew (chat) and its Greek equivalent (µata/hamartia ...

  9. Macbeth's tragic flaw is his ambition. He is willing to do anything it takes to become the king, and his wife encourages his evil...

  10. hamartia | drama |

    Hamartia, also called tragic flaw, (hamartia from Greek hamartanein, “to err”), inherent defect or shortcoming in the hero of a tragedy, who is in other respects ...